Packs and pricing crafted to meet any sizes

No matter your dealer size, you decide how many credits to buy at a time. The more you buy, the cheaper each credit is. Optifo automatically* fills up with a new batch when you’re about to run out.

1 credit = 1 image

100 credits


per credit

$59.99* per transaction

500 credits


per credit

$239.99* per transaction

1000 credits


per credit

$399.99* per transaction

*All packs are excl. VAT. Automatic refill can be turned off any time.

Frequently asked questions

What is a credit?

When you buy a pack on Optifo, you get a certain number of credits. A credit constitutes an image – Eg. if you take 10 pictures of a car, then you pay 10 credits.

How many credits should my business have?

The number of credits depends on how many photos of the car you take. With Optifo you get 12 guidelines, where we recommend 9 of them. (six of them cover the exterior and three of them in the interior)

Can I select another pack?

Yes. Just buy the pack you want and the automatic refill will be set for it.

What is automatic refill?

With automatic refill Optifo will fill up with a new batch of credits.

This is optional and you can always turn it off. Please note on each transaction this will be applied.

What if I'm unsatisfied with the picture?

We always show you a Preview of the images before you choose to use your credits. If you are not happy with the picture you can easily retake it.

Please make sure to check the pictures to your satisfaction, before you approve them.


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